Synapse Game Emporium

98 Wellington St.  Bracebridge, Ontario



Located in beautiful Muskoka, we are a Games Store that believes there are just as many ways to be smart as there are to have fun. Family owned and operated, we value making memories, spending quality time together, and learning while playing.

We want to bring back the good old fashioned games night when you can gather together your friends and family and have an evening of laughing and snack eating, as well as a good dose of healthy competition.

With dozens of high quality games tested by our staff, unique escape rooms to challenge your minds, and fun event nights, we have everything you could need to bring back games night.


The Team

Val (a.k.a. The Game Lady.) — The inspiration behind Synapse Emporium, Val hosts our game events, teaches games, and is always on the hunt for the best new finds to add to the store.

Dave (a.k.a. The Handy Man.) — Our in-house puzzle maker, Dave builds our Escape Rooms, and is always dreaming up new ways to make our rooms unique.

Catherine (a.k.a. The Writer) — Writer, Graphic Designer, and generally artsy, Catherine is our webmaster and the artist behind all of our posters, logos, and everything artistic at Synapse.

Adam (a.k.a. The Voice.) — Director, producer, and actor in all of our Escape Room audio clips, Adam sets the stage in his own unique way!

Ticket (a.k.a. The Furry HR Department.) — Our newest member of staff, little Ticket was named after one of our very first family board games, Ticket to Ride. She is our emotional support at the store, bringing us smiles through cuddles, play, and general cuteness.
Free cuddles are available to all who need some.


The Mascot

Did you know that an octopus has 9 brains? One central brain, and 8 smaller ganglion, one for each of it's arms! We think this matches perfectly with another cool fact. Did you know that there are different ways to be smart? 9 to be exact.

In 1983, developmental psychologist Howard Gardener described 9 types of intelligence: Logic smart, Word smart, Musical, Nature smart, Athletic, People smart, Deep Thinker, Self smart, and Mental Picture smart.

This is why we chose Swimmy the Octopus as our symbol, because we believe that there are just as many ways to be smart as there are to have fun! Whether you're gifted in logic and maths, or you're musically inclined, we think everyone has a unique brilliance.



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