Secret  Inheritance



Your estranged Uncle Albert, who spent his years secluded in his Muskoka cabin, has passed away. At the reading of his last wishes, you and the rest of your family discover that Albert was secretly a multimillionaire!

 Being the trickster and pot-stirrer that he was, your Uncle has issued a challenge. Whoever can find the will hidden somewhere in his cabin will win the fortune.

Can you find the will and escape the cabin before your dangerously greedy family arrives to claim the riches?



Recommended Group Size:  4 - 6 Players

Ages:  10+ recommended.  Each player under 14 must be accompanied by 1 adult.

Price:  $28.00+ tax per player.



The Magpie, a.k.a. Terrence Foster, a world renowned art thief, has set his sights on 'Abre de beaut', the recently discovered lost painting of Sir Moïse Borde.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to sneak into the gallery, swap the painting for a bugged replica, and get out before the gallery officials come to put the precious piece on display in the morning.



Recommended Group Size:  4 - 6 Players

Ages:  10+ recommended.  Each player under 14 must be accompanied by 1 adult.

Price:  $28.00 + tax per player.


Bracebridge Invasion

Outdoor Escape




The notorious alien cat, Moony, has been spotted in the Northern Hemisphere: Bracebridge, Ontario, Canada.


He is on a continuous research mission to find suitable planets for the Kittan Hordes, specifically locating somewhere for the Fleet’s Mothership to land. He has initiated the sending of an inner galactic message to headquarters to begin sending the strike team to planet earth.

There are only a few hours remaining for the Lynxion Translator to finish converting this message into radioactive waves that can be sent through deep outer space.

Moony has already left the earth’s atmosphere. However, agents 55 and 32 were able to intercept and swap out his communicator luggage before he lifted off, revealing key information.


Decode the encryptions and locate the needed information to find and end Moony’s transmission before it is sent through space, stopping the impending danger, and saving the earth from invasion!



This is an Outdoor Escape Race played on foot, as such, it is weather dependant. No charge for cancelations. Participants may want to wear appropriate outdoor walking apparel and bring water or refreshments to carry with them. Round trip distance covered is approx. 3.5 km. A cell phone is required for game hints.

Minors (15 and younger) must be accompanied by at least 1 adult.

Versions available:

#1-Competitive (1.5 hours)

#2-Family Fun (up to 3 hours)

Recommended Group Size:  

2-6 people will work best, but can be 2-lots :)

Recommended Ages:  

Competitive - 10+

Family fun- All ages

Price: A fully refundable deposit of $100 is required to rent the Escape Race Unit, refunded once it is returned on time and in good order. *We take Cash, Credit and Debit tap in store for games and escapes but the Escape Unit Deposit must be made in cash or debit tap only.

Adults - $20.00

Kids 7-12 - $13.00

(kids under 7 are free!)