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Escape Room Questions

Q: What ages are best suited for an Escape Room?

A:   After some testing, we've found that our rooms are a little too advanced for some kids, which is why we've rated them 10+.  We've also had to make a rule that each player under 14 years must be accompanied by at least 1 adult. This makes the experience fun and safe for everyone! We love little ones, but our rooms are not toddler proof so only babes in arms (or in baby seats) please!

Q: How do I book?

A:   You can book online through our booking page or call us directly at the store (1-705-346-9481). You will need to pay a deposit worth the cost of one player, ($28.00+tax) when booking. This deposit is fully refundable if you cancel at least 24 hours in advance. 

Q:What can we expect?

A:   Our rooms are safe, clean, and fun. You will be put into a room full of riddles, codes, and clues! 60 minutes will be put on the clock, ticking away while you and your team work to solve all the puzzles and find the final clue to escape and claim victory! There will be no creepy music, startling scares, or hidden danger of any kind waiting for you.

Q: What are the rules?

A:   We have only a few simple rules that we ask every team to follow. These guidelines will help make your Escape Room experience as enjoyable and smooth as possible.

  1. Keep Your Feet on the Floor. Everything you need in the room will be within easy reach. You will not need to climb on furniture or lift each other up at any point in the game.

  2. No Brawn, Only Brains. You won't need anyone with amazing strength to complete our games. If something feels hard to open or bolted down, that means you don't need to open or move it. If it's part of the game, it will be easy to use.

  3. No Food or Drinks. Because there are some electronic components, and for cleaning purposes, we don't allow food or drinks inside of our Escape Rooms.

  4. No Cell Phones allowed in the rooms. We have lockers for you to put your personal effects in while you play.

  5. Be Kind and Work Together! With time ticking down, we know how exciting it can get in our rooms. Instead of getting frustrated with your teammates, work together and use each person's different strengths to solve the puzzles and beat the clock!

Q: What if there's an Emergency?

A:   You will never actually be locked in the room. Exiting the game is easy and safe to do! If someone in your group is feeling overwhelmed, or in the event of an emergency or even if you just have to use the bathroom, the door to our room is always open. We will also be monitoring you while you play to make sure everything is as safe as possible.


Q: Who will be with me?

A:   Only you and your chosen mates will be on this adventure. You can find our recommended group sizes for our escape rooms on our Escape Rooms page.


Q: Do i need to wear special clothing?

A:  We do have you take your shoes off so socks are a good idea if you don't already wear them. We don't require any costumes (but feel free to if you like!) There are lockers to put your purses, and phones into to keep them safe while you play.


Q: Do you sell food or alcohol or can we bring food?

A:   We do not sell and food or alcohol and you may not bring any food or alcohol into the store with you, but we have bottles of water for sale in our game store for drinking before or after your booking.

Q: Should I have a few drinks before I come?

A:   Our goal here at Synapse is for everyone to have fun, and honestly having a clear mind makes this brain challenging activity way more enjoyable! Groups who come in under the influence definitely do not compete as well as those who come with all their neuron's firing. We think the best plan is to come and have a Synapse Escape and then go out and celebrate your adventure afterwards. Experiencing an Escape Room can generate such fantastic conversation all night long! 

Please know if you or anyone in your group show up for an escape booking and are visibly intoxicated or out of control in any way we reserve the right to cancel or move your escape booking at our discretion.

Q: do I need to be early?

A:   Yes please! We suggest you get here 15 minutes before your booking to give time to fill out our waivers and for us to give you the instructions you will need before you begin your adventure.


Q: What Happens if we win?

A:  On top of the euphoria of successfully escaping the room before the timer runs out, you may even make it onto our Leader Board which is displayed in our store and on our media sites! 




PHONE        1 (705) 346-9481

EMAIL          synapsegames@icloud.com